Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mugabe: No More Cholera in Zimbabwe

Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe and candidate for world's most corrupt leader, stated today that there is no Cholera in Zimbabwe.   Despite his denial about 800 cases have been diagnosed already with an estimated 60,000 more.

"Shall we also say that [because] there is mad cow disease, there must be war, Britain must be invaded? " ~  President Mugabe

No but perhaps if we say there is a leader who...

took a nation with huge natural resources from being the 'breadbasket of Africa' to one of abject poverty

   ~    loses an election but will not leave

  ~  let's inflation rise to 11 million % to where a loaf of bread costs 1.6 trillion Zimbabwe dollars

... then maybe that leader has mad cow disease and the world would move to remove him to spare the suffering of millions.

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