Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost Premeire Tonight

Thanks to Orangejack for keeping me abreast to Lost.  Enjoyed the synchronized update ... at least update as far as crash goes.

My 5 top theories for this year....
1.  Jack will continue to get on my nerves.

2. Sawyer will come up with some funny nicknames but I will miss many of them.  None will make me fall in the floor laughing as much as last season when he called Frank Lapidus "Kenny Rogers".   I am laughing as I recall it.

3. Locke will be the man in the coffin, Desmond & Penny will reunite and Michael will be Ben's man on the boat... oh wait a minute that was last season.

4. Some main character will die. I don't want to say who it will be and spoil it for you.  But it will be big.  Big, I tell you.

5. We will meet these guys on the island this year.   But they will be like ghosts or something.


Matt Mikalatos said...

You are hilarious!

But why does Jack bother you? Because he reminds you of me? Oh, my nemesis, this is a new low from you!

Andy McCullough said...

Yes, Matt you see right through me. Both of you have to be in charge, have issues of faith/trust/commitment, like to lie to save yourself, are addicted to painkillers, and constantly scream "we have to go back".

Yeah you are just like Jack and I am a cross between Locke (bald) and Sawyer (Southern smart aleck).

Andy McCullough said...

Oh and the Sawyer monkiers I caught....
Neil: Frogurt
Dan: Dilbert and Dr. Wizard. Himself: Ghost of Christmas Past