Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poor in Spirit

"Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God" - Jesus

Jesus had begun his ministry teaching that the Kingdom of God had arrived.   News of his healing power had spread and large crowds began to gather.  The people were hoping, He was the promised King who would deliver them.

And so Jesus begins teaching about this Kingdom.  The whole sermon on the mount is about the reality of this coming kingdom and how we should live.  Even these first little verses (Matthew 5:3-10) bookend with the promise of the Kingdom of God.  But really its all about His Kingdom.

Poor in Spirit
Poverty of the soul...  To be desperate.... to realize I can't make it on my own... I am in great need....  I need Him.  This is the condition that opens the door for God's Kingdom to Come.  It is the first cry that invites a relationship with this King.  "I Need You!"  "Have mercy on me, Oh God!"  "Come, Lord Jesus!"  It is brokenness.  It is surrender.  It is desperation.   

A person poor in spirit is not playing church or some religious game.  it is not for the sake of others.  It's the shameless wailing of the widow in Luke 18.  it is the cry of the blind man in that same chapter.  It is the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15 who will not shut up.  

It is a soul that is restless until it finds rest in Him.

Theirs is the Kingdom of God
A promise of something amazing from someone who has nothing. His Kingdom and all the glory.  
His presence, His love, His forgiveness, His fulfillment.  

Joy. Some use the word "happy" instead "blessed". I like "full of joy". Full of joy is the one who 
is desperate and understands their need for God. To them will be given the Kingdom of God.

May I be a soul that is desperate. May I realize I need the gospel every day. I am in deep, 
desperate need of You. May I be poor in Spirit!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent meditation, Andy. Very timely. Thanks.