Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What I have been Doing of Late

Haven't posted in a while because been working long hours...

On December 30th & 31st- flew to Atlanta for one day to meet with our South African leadership who were @ the Impact Conference.  Spent the night with my sister and her family and then flew back to Denver the next day.  I probably spent more time at the airport (thanks a lot Frontier!) than on the planes or in meetings.

Sick Kids - sometime when I left for Atlanta, Drew got a cold with a bad cough and a fever.  He passed to Jack and then Jack passed it to Luke.  So Robin stayed at home with sick kids for a week+ while I...

Jan 1st to now - went down to downtown Denver for the Denver Christmas Conference .   I tend to run a mini-conference within that conference every year since I run point on all of our international missions recruiting.  This year I had a team of staff helping me which was a coupe. 

Here's a few highlights of what our team did:
~  World Changers breakfast for 80+ students who have a heart for the world.  We spent time discussing barriers to going and I shared a little devotion from Luke 5.
        ~ South Africa STINT team - our 1st STINT team to South Africa launched from DCC.  So we had a little re-briefing for them, helped make sure they had all their support, commissioned them in a main session, etc.  
~  Two Separate Summits for staff whose campuses are partnered in South Africa and Cameroon.  Didn't get to do this for all the partnerships but for those with just these two since there have been changes in leadership in these receiving countries.  
~ Breakfast with our 2009 Summer Project Leaders.
        ~ Recruiting Efforts like Breakouts for Summer Projects / STINT and information booths.  On most of these, I just oversaw it and the leaders did the work.  I did the speak at the ones for STINT.
~  Lunches, Dinners and Coffees with staff serving internationally or considering going.

and the biggie...  on the night of the 4th we had a World Tour.  Our theme of the conference was "Kingdom Come" After the main evening session on the 4th, we hosted an event with 7 experiential rooms on where the kingdom of God has not yet come..  where it is not yet on earth as it is in heaven.   We had rooms on the Major Cities of the World, Students of the World, the Least of These, the Persecuted Church, Unreached People, Human Trafficking and a Prayer Room.  We ended with time of Praise and Worship.  Our team worked a long time pulling this off.  It was great night.  

I will try to find photos to give you a better idea of what the rooms were like.  Of the 1100 or so at the conference, we estimate that around 800 participated.  It was supposed to last an hour  but really went well past 2 hours as students took their time and experienced all of these rooms.   I have heard several reports of students making decisions to be involved in his Kingdom work as a result of this night.


Anonymous said...

i miss being at conferences with you. maybe one day when i get bored i'll come work as your administrative assistant. what's that? you don't need one? too bad.

Andy McCullough said...

I will send an application in the mail... or you can apply on-line.. It's caleld a staff application.