Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Random Things

Got tagged on this on facebook.  I tend to avoid these things but I suppose it can't hurt.

If you these on facebook and you got tagged  you're supposed to write your own note of 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself and then choose 25  people to tag including me since I tagged you...  I think if you don't something bad happens.

1. My first official girlfriend was my wife and I was her first boyfriend.   There was the time for about a week when I was in the 5th grade and a 6th grade girl told me I was her boyfriend but I don't count that.

2. I got turned down more times when I asked girls out than I had dates before I met Robin.  I am glad now.

3. The best martial advice I ever received was to pray that my wife always would be the standard for me when it comes to attractiveness. It helps that I am married to Robin.

4.  I have little 3 boys who I enjoy & love immensely.

5.  I wish I spent more time with my wife and kids and less on the computer and watching TV.

6. I never flew in a plane nor traveled west of the Georgia state line until I graduated from college.

7.  I have been to every continent but Antarctica. 

8. I love to travel but don't like leaving Robin and the boys.

9.  I have liked a lot of cool places but I like Africa the best.

10.  I have only worked for our organization since college - Campus Crusade for Christ - but have had 6 jobs with CCC.

11. Four of those jobs/roles came within the first 7 years.

12.  I have had the same job (Associate Regional Director for Worldwide Student Network) for over 10 years now which is amazing since I live for change.  It helps that this role is all about change and new places.

13.  Even though I like those I work with in my office, I am closer to the friends I work with on a dispersed national team.   Maybe it has something to do that we have the same passions.

14.  There are only 3 other guys who have been around WSN as long as I have.   

15. I miss some folks that used to work with WSN - Dave, Scott, Jeff, Donny, Rich L. etc.

16. I miss Paul Townsend.

17.  In the past 10 years, I had given leadership to have 17 different national conferences that have helped train CCC staff & students to serve overseas for a summer or a year.

18. My favorite by far is the two times leading the STINT Team Leaders Training (05 & 06) because of the size of the group, the type of leaders and the community established.

19.  I have had a book in my head for almost two years but never seem to have time to finish it and not sure anyone would read it.

20.  I like reading but I have a lot of unfinished books around my house.

21.  I love coffee.

22.  I drive a 93 Camry with 150,000 miles, no power windows or locks, a cassette player and a broken antenna.   

23.  I laughed when i heard recently that Americans said in these tough economic times that they would be least likely to give up their health club membership and cable.  I have neither.

24. Thoughts of world poverty - like that 1 billion will go hungry tonight or that 18,000 children will starve today because of malnutrition today - haunt me.  But not enough that I cut back on what I eat.

25.  My dad is my hero.   I wish I was more like him.  I want to be my sons' hero.

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