Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More Plumbing Issues

We have been in our house less than 2 years and we are experiencing yet another plumbing issue.  Luke pointed it out to Robin right before they left for a school party.  Since I had handyman coming over to give us a quote of another plumbing-related issue, we waited at let him look at it.  

As he was leaving, I said, there is something else my wife wanted you to look at...  turns out we had a pipe that burst.   It was a blessing to have Adam there as even though he didn't have his plumbing tools with him, he was able to find the source of the issue.  But I think we caught it in time to save the carpet in the downstairs- which we just installed last year.  

We cut the water off.  We shop vaced.  Fans are running.  I will call a plumber in the am.... again. 
So in less than two years here's our plumbing issues.
2. Clogged drain from grease or something
3.  Sprinkler drainage pipe burst.   - Which we should have called this Australian plumber
4.  Major overhaul of our master bathroom because there was water-damage behind tile.  -reason Adam came by.  *  
5.  Now this pipe burst.

* Have been without our main bathroom since the end of October.  Really an issue since we moved in because I knew tiles were loose.  We just never used that shower.  We hired our next-door neighbor Noah but the wood framing the house is rotten and its beyond what Noah felt like comfortable doing.  So once the new window we ordered arrives, Adam will come by and we will knock out the exterior wall and put a window and new wall in.  Then Noah will put in sub-floor, tile,drywall, etc.   Maybe we will have our bathroom back by Spring Break.   Already we have forked out to have a plumber come to redo pipes for shower and flange for toilet.  

I am ready for a few years of not having to call a plumber.

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