Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Peacemakers

(Sorry I have been so negligent to post in the past month.)

Since the first two brothers, our human race is one that by nature reverts to conflict.  We just can't get along.  As I type there are about 40 known conflicts or wars going in the world.  The longest and bloodiest?  Burma or Myanmar.   War breeds orphans, widows, poverty, famine, misery, hopelessness and more war.  

Yes, I do believe war can be just and right like stopping a Hitler or ending slavery.  Just wars are usually in response to a conflict or injustice already going on.  Too often though I think we are quick to justify war especially if we are confident we are the ones on the side of right.  This is not just some anti-war post.  In fact, some of the most angry people I have ever met are anti-war protesters.  It is about another way, a kingdom way.

The Peacemakers

I wonder if peacemaking come from a root of a heart at rest.  What causes me to be angry or jealous or to have selfish ambitions?  It is when my rest is not at peace.   I respond rather than trust.  I become quick to defend my rights rather than sacrifice and surrender.  

Sons of God 
Perhaps if my heart was truly at rest, I would be a person of peace.  I would learn to make peace.  I would live, as far as its possible with me, to be at peace with others.

I recall token phrases that have been uttered from my foolish mouth.   In speaking of present wars, "peace will only come when the Prince of Peace comes."  I was talking about some distant day of his return.  But did He not tell me to pray, "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven?"  Why would a peacemaker be blessed if there is no calling to make peace now?

What if my life was not characterized by something who had fits of rage or hatred or discord?  What if our homes not no discord or jealousy?   What if our churches had no factions or dissensions?  What if our communities had no selfish ambition or envy?  What if it was on earth as it is in heaven?

What if I made peace and in doing so I would be called a son of God?

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