Monday, March 16, 2009

The Unreached

After almost 2000 years since Christ’s mandate to make disciples of all nations (ethnos, peoples), more than 40% of the world lives among people groups that are unreached or least reached.  

Did you catch that?   We have been at this for 2 millennia and 2/5 of the world is still beyond easy access to the gospel in their culture or language.  Almost 3 billion souls are considered unreached because there is no known indigenous community of believers with enough numbers or resources to take Jesus in word and deed to them.

And yet there is a great promise in Rev 7:9-11 that there will be a great multitude that no one will be able to count, from every nation, tribe, people and language.  this mosaic of people and ethnic groups will stand before the Lamb worshipping the One on the throne who with His own blood has purchased people from every ethnos on earth. (Rev. 5:9). 

This month, Robin and I share about two efforts to reach unreached peoples.  One is in Russia and the other is in a closed country in Southeast Asia.   In Russia we are sending a team to travel from city to city reaching students from various unreached people groups.  We also share some stories of changed lives among unreached peoples in Southeast Asia.

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