Saturday, February 18, 2006

Update on My Dad

I spoke to my dad last night. On Thursday (16th) he went in for a check-up and his heart is back to an irregular heartbeat. He is on medication now (Chemical cardioversion) and will have another check-up in two weeks and if that doesn't work he may have another Electrical cardioversion.

You can read about his Electrical cardioversion here that he had on January 19th. Also this link tells about the cardioversion and atrial fibrillation.

Appreciate your prayers for him! Again you can also read my orginal post in October on what kind of heart he has. Thanks. You can also email him. He has never been on-line himself but my mom will print them out for him.


Jane said...

Andy, I will email him today but keep us posted. Your dad is very special. You are all in our prayers.

Joan said...

Thanks for this update, Andy. I am still enjoying your blog every day; and I am praying for your dad.

Terrell said...

Lavay is in our prayers too, Andy. Tell him Hi when you talk to him!