Thursday, January 10, 2008

More on DCC

Robin, the boys and I got home yesterday. DCC ended on the night of 6th but we had two days of a regional staff conference. (Thanks to Noah and Casey for getting our mail, putting out our trash and watching our house.) Here's some general thoughts...
  1. No major sickness for the kids (and us) which was a huge answer to prayer. last year Robin left mid-week because Jack and Drew both contacted the stomach flu in childcare.

  2. The best entertainment for Luke, Jack and Drew was looking at the window of our room on the 6th floor. The activity of the city is like a movie and can't count how many police cars, firetrucks and ambulances they saw.

  3. The next best entertainment is the free bus on the 16th Street mall followed closely by the escalator.

  4. Enjoyed getting to participate in the conference itself as much as possible. My favorite was Bryan Loritts. I could listen to him forever.

  5. I was exhausted (and Robin & boys rarely saw me) from all my jobs. But I really enjoyed..
  • the World Changer breakfast

  • the three summits from Cameroon, South Africa and Mexico

  • spending time with staff like Doug & Carey Holm who lead our ministry in Chile

  • helping all week with our Gallery where we had exhibits for all of our partnerships as well as ministries like Compassion, International Bible Society and Jesus film

  • having lunch w/our staff & interns who are leading 08 summer mission teams to Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Cameroon, Russia, Serbia and East Asia.

  • helping with our breakouts on the night of the 4th for all of our international locations

  • speaking at a seminar on "So You Want to be a Missionary"

  • speaking at a breakout on night of 5th for those interested in STINT.

  • getting to know Kennedy Nsom who is leads the Campus Ministry in all of Francophone Africa. he spent new Year's eve with us and I took him back to airport on the 7th @ 5:30 am. We got to hang-out several times in between that too. I love this guy!

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Angela said...

Awesome that you got to meet Kennedy. I know Marrty loved meeting him and spending time with him when he went to Ghana. I hope to meet him some day, as well.